Fuel Tech, Inc. Acquires PECO-FGC – April 30, 2014

Products and Services for Electrostatic Precipitators and Flue Gas Conditioning Systems

PECO specializes in ESP Rebuilds and Retrofits in addition to providing a full range of Products and Services for Electrostatic Precipitators. We have experience with all types of OEM equipment and are familiar with the inherent design flaws common among each type of manufacturer. PECO’s strength is derived from our engineering base which allows us to provide custom retrofit solutions within an ESP’s existing footprint to improve efficiency, performance, and/or longevity of the unit. PECO’s products and services include; Precipitator Inspection Services, ESP Performance Modeling, Performance and Efficiency Upgrades (including High-Voltage Sectionalization and the addition of High Frequency T/R Sets), PECO Electromagnetic Impulse Rappers, Rapper Shafts, Purge Air Systems, Hopper Replacements, Hopper Heaters, Level Detectors, and/or the additions of Penthouses or Weather Enclosures.

FGC, Inc. specializes in Products and Services for Flue Gas Conditioning Systems which include sulfur trioxide (SO3) and ammonia (NH3) based conditioning. We design and install new Molten Sulfur based SO3 Systems, Dry Sulfur Systems (DSI), NH3 Systems, Metering Pump Replacements, Control Replacements, DCS Interfaces, Converter Upgrades, Injection Probe Replacements, and Probe Upgrades for SCR installations. FGC, Inc. also performs complete system audits with fatal flaw analysis reports in addition to upgrade products for all existing OEM’s of Flue Gas Conditioning Systems.